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5 Signs of a Good Mobile Mechanic

A good mechanic is often hard to find. Being a good mechanic takes dedication, hard work, and a willingness to continue to learn. The auto repair industry is constantly growing and changing, so mobile mechanics will have to do that as well. If you own a car, you can’t avoid mechanics. Hate them or love them, you’ll have to engage them. Your car is bound to break down or need a routine maintenance service at some point and you will need to get a good mechanic to get you through it.

Here at Wrench, we carefully screen all of our potential mobile mechanics so we can make sure they have all of the following qualities that makes a mobile mechanic a great one.

  1. Warranty Or Guarantee Of The Work
    A good mechanic will offer a guarantee with their services because they want their work to be of the highest standard and quality. A good warranty is one that covers both their parts and labor, and covers for 12 months or 12k mile warranty.
  2. Effective Conversation
    A good mechanic communicates in simple, easy to understand language so you know what issues your vehicle is facing and how to prevent it from happening again.
  3. National Affiliations
    The Automotive Service Association (ASA), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the Better Business Bureau (BBB) etc. organizations have minimum requirements and a code of ethics that users should look for when hiring a mobile mechanic. Although having all these certifications doesn’t mean the mechanic is honest, it’s a good indication that the mechanic cares about their craft and wants to make sure that they are providing the best service at all times.
  4. Check Their Reviews
    Satisfied clients can easily recommend a reputable automotive mechanic, and the business or mechanic will have plenty of referrals and customers testimonies to share if you ask. There are a number of other review platforms and automotive sites to review your mechanic before hiring them for your service. This will show you how well they communicate with their clients and how much they care about their reputation.
  5. Timely Delivery
    If your mechanic is in habit of failing to make your car available to you at the agreed time, it’s a sign that they aren’t reliable. If mechanic mentions time, they should never exceed that.

Ensure the business and their mechanics have the appropriate memberships, qualifications, experience, equipment, and tools.

A good mechanic can be a trusted advisor and resource. A good mechanic can save you a lot of money, time, and make life more convenient.

Are you looking for an awesome mobile mechanic? Wrench is the US’ largest marketplace for convenient automotive services. We’ve got a passion to remove the stress, hassle, and ambiguity from booking traditional automotive servicing and repairs, both for the mechanic and the vehicle owners.

mid-pacific commercial services

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