Mid Pacific Commercial Services

The Business And My Background

I began Mid-Pacific Commercial Services in Honolulu in 2013 when I noticed that while there were some decent mobile mechanics on Oahu, few were located in Honolulu and even fewer were focused on serving the business community. Most were located on the West side of the island and geared towards serving the individual car owner. Honolulu’s congested roads and high commercial rents made having a locally-based mobile repair business impractical and unaffordable for those mechanics residing outside of “Town.” But I found a small spot, kept my overhead low, learned to manage the traffic and plowed forward. I soon gained a following and developed a business that probably would have endured for many years. But family called me back to Ventura at the end of 2017.

Last fall, I left a good job with a local general engineering firm to restart my business. I’m applying the same format I used in Hawaii to my work here in the Ventura- Santa Barbara area; I’m focused on serving the local small business, ensuring that its fleet of vehicles is always operational and making money.

Let’s talk. Let’s discuss how we can keep your fleet of vehicles and equipment on the road or pushing dirt and making you money.

Thanks for your business.

Christian Lorenz,
Mid-Pacific Commercial Services